How It Works

Step One

Insert your wheeled device between two U-shaped support members that are not already occupied by another device. Ensure that the U-shaped is positioned between the wheels and your device is slid back as far as it will go toward the base of the rack. Note: Only one skateboard may be placed between each set of U-shaped pipes.

Step Two

Locate the steel rings found on the U-shaped support members (the right and left of your device) and slide them both toward you so they clear the deck of your device, and lock the two rings together using a padlock or combination style lock. Note: the rings can have up to two locks each as other devices are locked to the left or right of your device.

Step Three

Repeat steps 1 and 2 – Once properly secured your device cannot be slid out of the rack side-to-side because the wheels will hit the U-shaped support members, and the locked together rings prevent your device from being pulled out of the rack. Note: When securing kick scooters place the handles toward the outside of the rack (on the left or right) or between the larger spaces between the U-shaped support members.